quality Policy


« Our ambition is to achieve the same levels of excellence as certain French saddle makers and leather workers. Our objectives are more quality related than quantity related. We concentrate on working with the raw materials we use, the know-how and expertise of our workforce and a passion for wine. » Antoine de Thoury, President.

We have a results and performance based culture.

Quality Assurance is also measured by the results of certain essential Health & Safety requirements The risks of TCA/TCP contamination are managed by continuously controlling wood samples and regularly controlling the atmosphere and environment in the production, storage and logistics areas.

Active substances are used to neutralize the water used in the production process and for checking the water tightness of the barrels. Water quality is also controlled regularly.

All controls are made by an independent laboratory approved by the Wine and Cooperage industry.

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environmental policy


Oak Silviculture and Sustainable Development


France is renowned for the excellent quality of its oak forests : 4.5 million hectares, equating to between 30% and 40% of the total Sessile Oak and Perdonculate Oak forests in Europe. France is the first producer of oak wood in Europe and the second largest in the world, after the United States.

The Forest and Water Administration created in 1291 by the French King Phillipe IV, is at the origins of « silviculture » in France : silviculture being the art and science of controlling forestry resources.

The Forest and Water Administration developed the forests, taking advantage of the ecological factors involved and the natural potential for optimizing the sustainable development of the products and services it provided. The forests have been managed in such a way as to maintain their biodiversity and avoid over-exploitation without causing any collateral damage to other eco-systems.

Today the ONF (Office National des Forêts-National Forestry Office) is the body responsible for public forestry management in France, having taken over this responsibility from the Forest and Water Administration. The ONF takes a multi-functional approach to sustainable forest and countryside management, which is part of its overall policy for sustainable development.

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PEFC certification


CADUS remains strongly supportive of sustainable development and adopts it wherever possible within its business. The company also strives to integrate the most natural procedures and processes possible. CADUS has the Certificate # QUAL/10-552-PEFC/10-31-2143

Definition of PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ) Certification

The PEFC program takes into consideration local specificities. It was launched in 2001 and has been adopted by numerous countries around the world. Today the PEFC covers around thirty national certification systems and accounts for 180 million hectares of forest, being nearly 6% of the total managed forests worldwide.

'Reconciling economic progress with social progress without endangering the natural balance of the planet: preserving natural resources while letting mankind live decently and sustainably: leaving behind a healthy planet for future generations ... Sufficient problems to justify a collective effort in favour of sustainable development. Hopefully the forestry industry will successfully provide a number of specific solutions to these problems.'

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Waste Management


As part of its ecological policy the CADUS Cooperage has incorporated a number of strategies and protocols to protect the environment:

 Selective sorting of waste products.

 Simplified processing and recycling of packaging :

  • All plastic packaging is in PET
  • A study is underway to replace cardboard with PET for product protective packaging.

 Energy self-sufficiency : 

  • Supported by the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management
  • All wood waste products are recycled since 2010

Performance and results, must above all:
"Allow each wine to reveal its origins and terroir, ..., let each wine variety fully express its ancestry,..., offer wine lovers the possibility of discovering or memorizing the magic of a particular site, the atmosphere of a Region." Antoine de Thoury, President.