Tonnellerie Cadus is replanting trees!

The tree gives us the barrel, and now the barrel is replanting the tree: for each barrel delivered, Tonnellerie CADUS has committed to planting a tree in France!


This is a major innovation in the world of cooperage, a generous and altruistic contribution to nature and one which every customer may be proud of. In partnership with a Burgundy nursery, a French leader in re-forestation with a policy of compensatory planting, Tonnellerie CADUS will replant sessile and common oak in several regions in France.
What is more natural than planting the raw material that goes into making the barrels?


Why are we planting trees?


In France, forest plantations are in decline. By replanting forests and woods, we are:

  • Fighting against climate change by creating stocks of CO2
  • Halting desertification by hydrating the ground
  • Preserving biodiversity that provides an infinite number of ecological services
  • Developing regional economy


Ecocert certification


The independent organization, Ecocert Environnement, internationally renowned for its forestry and organic farming certification, monitors and checks that the trees are alive and maintained, that the number of trees planted is as prescribed, as is the density and area of planting; and that the growth of the future forest is assured.


Tonnellerie CADUS cares for the environment


Because of its concern for the environment, CADUS undertook procedures to gain PEFC certification, which it has now acquired. The recycling of waste material from cooperage was the logical follow-on of this procedure. With the help of the Conseil Régional de Bourgogne (Burgundy regional council), FEDER (European regional development fund) and ADEME (energy and environment agency), an investment of 500,000 euros was made in 2011. A wood furnace now enables the coopery to assure its energy independence using wood chippings, shavings and sawdust. The CADUS barrels have also benefited from this culture of awareness directed towards the future. With the PUR® protocol being a direct outcome of its R&D, CADUS is proposing a modern, 100% natural toasting method whose performances are perceptible from the very first months of wine storage. The SENSORIEL® range that benefits from this know-how, ensures a reliable and outstanding product-promise.